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Water and Wastewater Filtration Equipment and Systems

Automated and Manual strainers pipelines and process filtration applications. Oil-Water separators, industrial waste treatment systems, and membrane filtration. Our scope of filtration ranges from protection of water operated equipment to meeting discharge guidelines required by State and Federal agencies.

Custom High Pressure Simplex and Duplex Strainer

Simplex and Duplex Strainers provided continuous flow. High capacity for suction or pressure installations. A continuous flow is maintained by providing two chambers and switching the flow from chamber to chamber with 4 butterfly valves. This allows removal of the out of service basket for cleaning. While the fluid is flowing through the clean basket the access cover of the other chamber may be opened and the clogged basket removed for cleaning. An optional manual backflush arrangement or blowdown connection is available.

Self Cleaning Strainers

Self-cleaning strainers are designed with performance being the upmost priority. Offering high straining ratios from tradionally accepted basket designs, these strainers can reduce operating costs due to longer cycle periods when used in the intermittent/automatic backwash mode. The basket design mode should be the major concern when evaluating self-cleaning strainers. Quite often artificially high straining ratios are achieved by "unusual methods" such as "accordianed" elements. While these elements may technically posses a higher amount of open area achieved by folding the perforate plate into the shape of an accordion, the resultant valleys will clog with debris twice as fast. Basket elements have legitimate open area, whether using highly durable wedgewire or perforated plate

Twin Basket Strainers

When evaluating duplex strainers, the consideration should be focused on both performance and the total cost of owning and operating, known as life cycle costs, of the strainer. The design of duplex strainers are uncompromised by an accountant's pencil. The thick, heavy body walls provide unparalled corrosion allowance. The straining ratios are some of the highest available.

The moving parts are designed to minimize wear. Available wedgewire baskets are the most durable straining elements on the market. All of this adds up to produce the longest lived, most cost efficient, high performance strainers available. Strainers may cost more than our competitors, however, spreading this cost over a life expectancy measured in decades, not years, demonstrates that the competing products cost more over the long term.

The high straining ratios, aside from the performance benefits, contribute lower operating costs because the baskets do not need to be cleaned as often. In analyzing the life cycle costs of our strainers versus the competition, our designs provide the lowest life cycle costs in the industry.

Automatic Backwash Strainers

  • Line sizes of 4" up to 54" diameter.
  • 9.5 l/s up to 5362 l/s flow capacity.
  • Wide range of separations: 3200 to 25µ usig wedgewire elements, woven wire mesh filter elements are available down to 15µ.
  • Available in cast iron, lined carbon steel, 304L or 316L SS and super duplex SS plus other materials available on request.

Gas and Steam Filters

  • Two-step separation process
  • Sizes available from ½” to 6”, gas flow rate up to 6,900 SCFM
  • Nominal five micron filtration
  • Rugged design and construction provides long-term reliability
  • Inline connections, no moving parts, easy to install
  • Durable permanent element withstands repeated cleanings to extend tube life
  • Withstands operating temperatures up to 650 º F and pressures to 500 PSIG
  • Designed for, and can be certified to, ASME Code, Section VII, Division 1

Multi-Element Filter for Fine Filtration Applications

Baskets of wedgewire construction are available when additional strength is required for fine straining and for back-flush type baskets with fine straining requirements. This additional strength creates greater resistance to collapse when flow is reversed for cleaning. Slot widths are available from 0.005" to 0.5".

Typical Screen Applications and Special Packaging Methods

Industrial Waste Treatment Systems

Oil Water Separators • Slant Plate Clarifies • Chemical and Groundwater Pretreatment Systems •
Vehicle/Equipment Wash Water Treatment • Dissolved Air Flotation • pH Adjustment Systems

Durco Filters

Durco Filters manufactured by Ascension Industries for over 130 years has been manufacturing filter equipment for Mining, Industrial Wastewater, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Brewery, Food, Sugar, and others.  Products include Pressure Leaf, Nutches, Filter Presses, Tubular Filters, and Sludge Dryers.  The range of supply can be from individual equipment to skid mounted process systems with controls. 

Forsta Filters

Inline Filters, Automatic Backwash, Carbon, Stainless steel and FRP materials for corrosion. Media filters are Sintered Filter Screens, Perforated Mesh, and Wedgewire media filtration.

Dynatec Systems Inc.

Application Ranges of Separation Membranes


This mechanical system functions as a semi-permeable microporous membrane acting as a positive physical barrier that performs the separation. Wastewater feed is introduced into the membrane modules flowing across the surface of the membrane allowing the water phase to pass through the membrane as permeate free of contaminates. Contaminates are rejected by the membrane and are collected as concentrate.


  • High Effluent Quality
  • Space Limitations
  • Retrofits
  • Nitrogen Removal


  • Recycle/Reclamation
  • Space Limitations
  • Nitrogen Removal
  • Leachfield Limitations
  • Decentralized On-Site applications


  • High strength waste
  • Space Limitations
  • Thermophillic treatment
  • Retrofits 


Acid Recovery
Alkaline wash recovery
BOD and COD reduction
Clean and reuse
Color removal
Cyanide destruction
Fats, oil and grease removal
Heavy metals separation
Metals removed
Oil and grease removal
Oil/water separation
PCB removal
Phenol removal
Purify and reuse
Solids separation
Starch removal
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reduction and separation
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) reduction
Total Toxic Organics (TTC) removal
Toxicity reduction


Zero liquid discharge
Water purification and reuse
Sludge treatment and dewatering Recycling
Metals recovery
Coolant recovery
Process fluid recovery


Feasibility studies
Treatability studies
Pilot test studies
Systems design
System installations
Technical services
Equipment assembly and procurement
Startup and operating training
Contract services
Maintenance and support
System retrofit and upgrades


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